Remember that a significant part of your day will be spent in your home office. Because drawers slide in, they give you an illusion of being organized from the outside. Lowe is a lead editor, covering all things related to home improvement and good design. She previously worked in the decor and lifestyle spaces for digital publishers like Hunker and Ranker and has multiple years of experience creating design and DIY content.

home office organization tips

For a laptop, use a Quartet riser with a glass dry-erase board to keep those pesky sticky notes at bay. You can also mount hardware like external hard drives to the underside of your table to keep an organized desk. Set your home office organization up for success by keeping a few empty bins or containers aside for future items. Make sure there’s extra space in various storage areas like filing cabinets, drawers, and bookshelves. The first step is to decide on a system for organizing your things.

Optimize the bedroom office

If pets are going to be too much of a distraction, keep them out of the office. Spouses or roommates shouldn’t be allowed to drop in any time of day, and neither should friends who live down the block (unless it’s absolutely necessary, of course). If you’re worried about chaining yourself to a desk chair all day, or if you want to save a little space, look into standing desks. Lifehacker and Wirecutter have several recommendations from Fully, UpDesk, Varidesk, and others. Having a window will keep you in a healthy, productive headspace. This common area should include a family calendar, a bulletin board with important reminders, a printer, and a charging station for electronic devices.

How to organize home office feng shui?

  1. Make Sure You Have a Desk. First, make sure you have a dedicated desk, which represents a stable career.
  2. Position Your Desk for Success.
  3. Create Good Flow.
  4. Desk Blotter.
  5. Choose a Supportive Chair.
  6. Activate the Wealth Corner.

This decoration provides a purposeful place to place children’s paintings, school reports, and whatever else needs your attention. Alternatively, it makes a cute kid-friendly design to pin homework and birthday party invites. When it comes to small home offices you need to be clever in creating a layout that doesn’t look cluttered. Opening and closing drawers in search of your favorite pen, or that stylish stapler to group documents? Save the need for hunting and accidentally (on-purpose) slamming them by switching out a traditional desk with drawers for a glass table with transparent compartments.

Wrap Up Your Wrapping Paper

Remember to keep grouped items together and make sure all your essentials are within reach or can be easily accessed from your work area. We’re also sharing the best Avery labels and office supplies for getting organized. Plus, we’ll show you how to use our free tools to make any office organization project a success. Below, find 25 brilliant desk organization ideas to build your most productive workspace.

home office organization tips

Designer Raji Radhakrishnan gave this home office some pops of fun and vibrancy with primary-colored stools and a graphic rug. Emily Henderson opted for a Lucite dry-erase (and magnet-friendly) board above the desk. It’s perfect against a patterned wallpaper you don’t want to interrupt or in a tiny office, since it won’t take up any more visual real estate. Keep cords unsightly cords hidden and out of the way while you work by snaking them behind your desk with cord clips.

Create a Command Station

You might have a desk with drawers or you might not have a desk at all. Either way, it’s important that you store your supplies in a way that makes sense for the space, your items, and your daily routine. The added space will make it feel a little bit more like a real office space – just make sure to have your own designated rolling cabinets to ensure your work essentials don’t get lost in the mix. You can easily add convenient little boxes for subtle storage or fill the cubes with pretty accessories and decor to brighten up your space. If your job still requires you to print and scan documents, you might want to invest in a multi-functional printing station where you can keep all things printer-related in one compact area. One of the best small printers can easily be tucked under your desk or into a closet if you’re working with a tight office space.

  • They also work incredibly well for storing papers and other important documents.
  • You don’t have an office manager to restock your supplies anymore.
  • After all, without the ample storage space and filing systems of a corporate office, it can be tricky to keep your many work items in line.
  • After a couple of years (depending on your business and how long you’re required to keep documentation), it should move to its final resting place — the recycling bin.
  • Make sure you stay on top of things with an organized system for sorting, filing, archiving, tossing, etc.
  • Not just for storing mail in style, a letter rack is a hot home office organization idea that can house your legal docs, envelopes, and lunch break magazines.
  • To really get the most out of every square inch, turn the actual wall in a push pin with tackable panels.

Though desktop computers are sleeker than ever, their accessories can clutter up a workspace. Dykema suggests buying a monitor riser, which can help not only bring your webcam up to eye level, but also creates vertical space for storage underneath. An acrylic riser is sturdy enough to withstand the weight of even the largest monitors and offers added storage with drawers, so you can easily access daily supplies like a planner and favorite pens.

Group similar items together

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